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Watch as Tanner Roark unveils baseball's most unhittable pitch

You thought Clayton Kershaw's curveball was the best pitch in baseball? Chaz Roe's slider? Jordan Hicks' fastball? 
Tanner Roark laughs at your short-sighted opinions. In the first inning of Wednesday's Nationals-Mets game, the right-hander unveiled the most unhittable pitch in baseball today -- perhaps in all of baseball history. Feast your eyes below:

OK, so maybe he just slipped and fell off the mound. correspondent Brian Heyman talked to Roark postgame.
"I caught the cleat," Roark said. "I tried to stay behind the ball. Sometimes I get out in front with my body. My arm's lagging behind. So, I just try to tell myself to stay behind it. My leg got down a little too far and caught the front.
Even still, Ted Williams couldn't have hit that thing.