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Taylor Motter got a haircut, so you should probably get used to seeing him with shorter hair

Are you sitting down? Hopefully you're sitting down, because Taylor Motter got a haircut.

In addition to being known for his versatility around the diamond, Motter has also earned a reputation for his flowing blond locks. You know the look:

Well, that might not be the look you'll see from Motter in the upcoming season ... 
"OK," you're probably thinking to yourself, "Maybe he just got a quick trim --"

Oh. Oh dear.
He hasn't yet shared a glimpse of his new look just yet, but, assuming he'll debut a significantly shorter style soon, here's an idea what it might look like:

Or perhaps this:

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Wedding festivities with grandma and the fam!

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But no matter what, the thing about hair is it tends to grow back. So Motter could very well return to the flowing blond mane sometime in the next few months ... we'll have to wait and see.