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TCU center fielder Johnny Rizer reached over the wall for a spectacular home run robbery

Over years of watching baseball, you'll undoubtedly see hundreds of incredible highlight-reel catches. Though all impressive athletic feats, it's likely that only a couple will stick in your memory. Things like Willie Mays' catch in the 1954 World Series or Mike Trout's rookie year home run robbery.

On Friday, TCU center fielder Johnny Rizer made one of those catches that gets imprinted in one's memory, robbing Texas slugger Zach Zubia of a home run.

Rizer didn't have time to camp out at the wall and carefully time his leap. Instead, he had to take off while running at full speed and barely looking at the ball before it landed in his glove.

TCU ended up winning the game by only one run after putting up three runs in the ninth inning to win 3-2. Rizer's catch may just have been the difference in the game.

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