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Mike Trout's teammates doused him on his 26th birthday and he celebrated with a homer

Mike Trout entered his 26th birthday as already one of the greatest players in Angels history. He ranked fourth in homers with 190, fourth in stolen bases with 156 and, incredibly, first in WAR at 53.1.
So, prior to their Monday night game against the Orioles, it was only appropriate for Trout's teammates to commemorate his birthday by dumping anything and everything they could find in the clubhouse on him:

For those keeping score at home, the refuse included eggs, ICEE slush, baby powder, Coffee-mate creamer, cereal and whatever else was in the trash can. At least no one had fish for lunch.
But hey -- the Angels celebrate all their birthdays like this. MVPs aren't above the clubhouse code. "It's an Angels tradition," said Trout to's Maria Guardado. "It started when Weaver was here and Albert. They started it, and now it's evolved into a crazy ... I can't really explain that. It was fun."
Of course, Trout had to celebrate in his own way, too. First, he reached the 1,000-hit plateau with a double in the bottom of the fourth, and then, he smashed a ball down the left-field line, off the foul pole for a home run:

Birthday blasts are special, but they're also old hat for Trout. This is now the fourth time in his career that he's homered on his birthday -- definitely worthy of a thumbs-up.