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Why, yes, that IS Terry Francona scootering his way through the stadium

Marlon Brando was "The Wild One" -- decked out in leather and chains atop his motorcycle. 
Terry Francona is "The Mild One" -- with a smart sweater and a scooter. 
Before the Indians' 2-0 victory over the Blue Jays in Game 1 of the ALCS, Francona rode his scooter in to work. And while the scooter has long been a part of the skipper's transportation -- it even has a berth on Cleveland's Spring Training truck -- it's always hilarious to see him scooting on his way. 

While he won't have to worry about any hop-ons with the small vehicle, if it was just slightly larger, we could have a brand new version of the bullpen car. Don't you want to see Francona jump on his trusty metallic steed to hail Andrew Miller during a vital part of the game? 
Either that or we should get our remake of "The Wild One" with Francona as the lead: