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Terry Francona said he'd donate to David Ortiz's charity if he retired before ALDS Game 1

Before Game 1 of the ALDS between the Red Sox and Indians on Thursday, Terry Francona was asked what it means to face David Ortiz in his final postseason. Francona, who managed Ortiz to two Red Sox World Series championships and knows perhaps better than anyone how dangerous Big Papi can be in October, answered and spoke for every AL manager not named John Farrell:

"It would mean more if he announced his retirement today," Francona said. "I would write a check to his foundation and …"

Hear that, David? If you retired before you got to the plate against the Indians, Francona would've donated to the David Ortiz Children's fund

Alas, as that was always quite unlikely to happen, Francona continued his answer and heaped praise on Ortiz and the rest of Boston's lineup:

"I love David. I don't want him to beat us. And when he's in the batter's box it makes me nervous. The problem is the guys in front of him, the guys behind him make me nervous, too. They've done a really good job of building and constructing a lineup. And if you're a pitcher you can't take a hitter off or you're going to pay for it. And if you want to walk anybody, if you continue to do that, they're going to score, also. Sometimes you just have to get good hitters out."

The praise was well founded. Though the Indians topped the Red Sox, 5-4, Ortiz posed as the possible tying run in the eighth inning after he legged out his fastest double of the year. 

And as for another Red Sox player Francona is familiar with:

See Ortiz continue to postpone his retirement in Friday's Game 2, airing on TBS at 4:30 p.m. ET.