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Joe Smith wore the wrong pair of pants and Terry Francona was eager to make fun of him for it

During Players Weekend, the players have an extra set of uniforms they get to sport over the next few days. These consist of nicknames printed on the back of their jerseys, customized cleats, colorful socks and batting gloves. The extra set of clothing is in addition to the numerous uniforms they're used to keeping track of. So it's safe to say, everyone once a in while, there's bound to be a mix-up. Much like what Joe Smith dealt with on Friday night.
When the Indians topped the Royals, 4-0, Smith (AKA Sidewinder) forgot something: His pants. Well, the correct ones anyway. He was sporting a pair with a stripe down the middle, while the rest of the team sported plain white pants. According to's Jordan Bastian, manager Terry Francona was eager to speak to him about the uniform mishap.

"I told [pitching coach Mickey Callaway], I said, 'I want him to get this out so bad, because I want to go out there and tell him that he looks like [an idiot].' I couldn't wait."

As you can see, the stripe is rather noticeable. So Tito let him know, and Smith had to laugh at himself after noticing. We've all been there.