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No one has ever been as excited as this young Rangers fan after catching a foul ball

What would you do if you caught a foul ball at a Major League game? Sure, we all like to think that we'd simply play it cool, holding it aloft as if to say, "Oh, this? Yeah, no big deal, this just came off the bat of [insert MLB star here], whatever."
But, in reality, we'd all probably be more like Reagan from Midlothian, Texas, after she ended up with a souvenir during the Rangers' 4-3 win over the Padres on Wednesday -- i.e., we would completely lose our minds.

When Yangervis Solarte fouled a ball down the left-field line during the top of the third inning, Reagan apparently dove over her seat to try and make the play -- but ended up dropping the ball. Luckily for her, though, the fan who ended up with it, in observance of the Golden Rule of Foul Ball Etiquette, decided to give it up in honor of Reagan's effort.

Further proof that absolutely nothing is better than young fans receiving souvenirs
Photo and reporting by Shana Willeford/ Real-Time Correspondent