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13 times pitchers were even more amazed than you were by an incredible defensive play

We like to think that pitchers are in control. They dictate the pace and flow of the game. With sheer strength of will, they can overpower batters and keep them from hitting it in play. Or, through pinpoint control, they can influence the direction the ball is hit.
But, just like all of us, they are subject to the whims and passing fancies of chaos. That's where the fielders come in.
When one of those fielders flies across the field and leaps for an unexpected catch, the pitcher reveals something about themselves in that moment. Do they cheer? Clap? Pretend that it was what he expected would happen all along?
Let's investigate that together. These are the best reactions from pitchers to incredible defensive plays:
The Classic Glove Clap - Mike Clevinger

This is what you usually expect from the pitcher: Hands overhead, fist pounded into the glove. This is celebration zero, from which all other reactions are judged. 
The happy clap - Erasmo Ramírez

"Hey man, I don't know how you do it," it seems to say. "I'm just happy that you do." 
Hulkin' Out - Corey Knebel

There's no way to describe it succinctly. 
The Blossom - Kenta Maeda

After Curtis Granderson made a diving, snow-cone catch last season, Kenta Maeda had only one reaction to give: A lean back and a "Blossom"-esque "Whoa!" 
The Hat Tip - Zach Davies

Cool as ice. 
The Unbeliever - Dan Otero

When you see the catch, you might not believe it either. 
The Twist and Shout - Brent Suter

It's practically a highlight made from a wedding. 
The Saved Bacon - Joe Kelly

For when you realized that you've just been bailed out. 
The Jaw Drop - Max Scherzer

Scherzer's face is basically Kermit's anytime he shouts in the Muppets
The Glory of Defeat - Kyle Gibson

Sorry, Kyle. 
The you get a car! And you get a car! - Clayton Kershaw

I assume that's what Clayton Kershaw was going for. 
The Head Holder - Marcus Stroman

When you see Kevin Pillar catch the ball, you have to do something to keep your mind from escaping.  
The Sky Yeller - Dalier Hinojosa

"I defy you, stars!"