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After Jose Martinez's walk-off hit, the Cardinals showered ... a reporter

Usually after a player ends the game with a walk-off hit, he does a postgame television interview. It is customary for his teammates to interrupt these interviews to dump gallons of ice cold Gatorade on the player as a way to celebrate his contributions to the win. 
On Thursday, José Martínez's pinch-hit walk-off single gave the Cardinals a 3-2 win over the Rockies, so, naturally, he was interviewed on the field after the game. When he saw his teammates coming with the watercooler, Martinez got out of dodge to avoid getting drenched. However, it appeared he probably didn't have to do that, as the reporter was the intended target:

If the cooler had been dumped on Martinez, we would have noted that it was because his teammates were expressing appreciation for his walk-off single. We can only assume that the Cardinals are congratulating this reporter on a job well done in this instance as well.

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