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The Home Run Apple didn't rise after Travis d'Arnaud's homer, so fans cheered it back to life

The Home Run Apple at Citi Field has been through a lot. It suffered a boo-boo from Travis d'Arnaud's home run ball in 2015, but was patched up. Fast forward a couple years later and d'Arnaud seems to be continuing his interesting relationship with the apple.
It was Monday night, during the Mets' 3-2 win over the Braves in Game 2 of a doubleheader, when the apple did … nothing. The giant piece of fruit usually rises after a member of the home team hits a home run -- but not this time.  

d'Arnaud's solo shot off José Ramirez (reliever) in the bottom of the eighth resulted in cheers from the crowd, but the apple didn't move, staying in its little cubby. Fans were confused. They started chanting for the apple to be raised, and to their delight, it was:

Like the broadcast says: "They asked for an apple, they got an apple."