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The city of Torrance recognized the Dodgers' Peanut Man, so he celebrated by bringing peanuts

In addition to the crack of the bat and the antics of the mascot, vendors are an essential part of what makes taking in a game at the ballpark so great. Though all vendors offer the convenience of being able to buy hot dogs and soda from your seat, the best vendors are also entertainers.
Anyone who has ever been to Dodger Stadium knows that Roger "The Peanut Man" Owens is among the best entertainers in vending because of his flashy delivery of peanuts. Tuesday night, his contributions were recognized by his hometown of Torrance, Calif.

As a "thank you," he gave the city council some peanuts and put his skills on display:

Owens truly showed his stuff when he went out to the seats and treated the citizens of Torrance to not only peanuts, but his vending chops:

Seeing how much fun Owens' presence injected into the city council meeting, perhaps they will consider bringing The Peanut Man on for future sessions.