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The Cubs recreated the 'Superbad' intro with their bullpen dancing

In the wake of David Ross' deep run on "Dancing with the Stars," the Cubs bullpen started a tradition of dancing after the team makes big plays on offense and defense. 
The tradition became such a hit that, on Saturday, the Cubs made a video celebrating the bullpen dancers:

If the aesthetic looks familiar, that's because it is. It is a spoof on the intro to the movie "Superbad." The idea came from lefty reliever Brian Duensing, who told's Carrie Muskat that they filmed the video about a week ago. "It was fun," Duensing told Muskat. "It's something to kind of goof off."
If you're looking for a challenge, see if you can identify all the silhouettes in the video. One word of caution: The names in the credits don't necessarily correspond with the player dancing on the screen.
Before you embark on that challenge, here's a freebie to get you started. "They nailed it with [Brandon] Morrow just sitting in a chair," Duensing said. "They did a really good job." 
Good luck!