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The Dodgers shocked the world with a buzzer-beater Trade Deadline deal for Yu Darvish

Time was trickling down in the last hour of the 2017 non-waiver Trade Deadline. Moves were happening all over the place -- Sonny Gray to the Yankees, Francisco Liriano to the Astros, Jake Mintz to, well, somewhere else.
But one major rumor didn't seem to be panning out. Yu Darvish, sought after by multiple contenders, was still a Texas Ranger with 10 minutes to go before the 4 p.m. ET deadline:

Nine minutes went by. Five minutes, four, three, two, one. Still no word on Darvish. Perhaps the biggest pitcher on the market just wouldn't go this time.

Texas was smart to hang onto him, I mean, he's a guy that can throw righty and lefty and -- WHAT!

Yes, moments after the hour passed, news of a Darvish trade to the Dodgers broke the internet.