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The first two baseballs Chipper Jones signed as a Hall of Famer were for his parents

When a player is inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame, his phone instantly goes wild with calls and texts of congratulations from friends, family and the media.
Despite all that, 2018 Hall of Fame inductee Chipper Jones made sure to appropriately thank those who got him there. It all started with his wife, of course:

But he didn't stop there. He also signed two baseballs -- his first two autographed balls as a member of the 2018 Hall of Fame class -- for his parents. As Jones describes in the video above, they were the first two balls signed "Chipper Jones HOF '18" and were addressed to "Blondie" and "Hawk" with the message "we did it."
Having earned votes on 410 out of 422 Hall of Fame ballots, Jones and his family most certainly did it.