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Minor League team to host 'Home Improvement' night with special jerseys and Al Borland himself

Minor League baseball teams have a knack for hitting home runs (sorry) with theme nights at the ballpark.
Delightfully garish-but-perfect jerseys are often worn by players for specific games, with teams auctioning off the one-time-use outfits to raise money for local charities afterward. 
As for the themes themselves, they're often the sort that pull on everyone's nostalgic heartstrings. Sometimes that means paying homage to Han Solo's frozen-in-carbonite era, everybody's favorite fictitious 1990s' burger joint, Good Burger, or, as the Orioles' Class A Advanced affiliate Frederick Keys are doing on July 22, honoring Al Borland and Tim Taylor with a special "Home Improvement" night:

Yes, you read that right -- Richard Karn, a.k.a. Al himself, will be there for the festivities. 
If you grew up watching and enjoying "Home Improvement" back in the '90s, then, should you miss this opportunity for a truly magical evening?