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The Freeze showed no mercy in crushing a fan who pulled a hamstring

For over two years now, The Freeze has been handily beating fans foolish enough to challenge him to a race. But, a trained sprinter beating random citizens wouldn't make for compelling between-innings entertainment on its own. No. It's The Freeze's ruthlessness that makes the act great.

In fact, putting fans in embarrassing positions is sort of his brand. There was the time he took advantage of some hubris:

Or that time he just made a guy sort of fall over:

On Friday, he was back at it again. Even though his challenger appeared to pull a hamstring in the early stages of his race, The Freeze did not let up. He dispatched of his competitor with the same intensity he would if he were not injured.

Despite getting left in the dust and called out by the Braves' broadcast crew for not offering much of a challenge, this fan had the time of his life. In fact, getting called out have even made the evening better!

It's good to see this fan take losing to The Freeze in stride. He's not the first to get shown up and he won't be the last. One thing we now know is that there is no let-up in The Freeze.