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Anything that could get weird, did get weird during Saturday's D-backs-Giants game

Perhaps you're familiar with the concept of Weird Baseball -- or, as it's commonly referred to, #WeirdBaseball: a phenomenon in which West Coast night games, played while most of the country is sound asleep, tend to get a little, well, weird. Pitchers start pinch-hitting. Fernando Rodney starts trying to play catcher. When the sun goes down, anything and everything can happen.

 ... or so we thought. But on Saturday afternoon, in the light of day, the Giants' 4-2 win over the D-backs became less baseball contest than performance art, making us question everything we thought we knew. And so, in memoriam, we present: #TheWeirdestBaseball, a story in three hilarious acts.

The show began in the top of the fourth, when Jake Lamb tried to check his swing on an offering from Giants starter Jake Peavy. The third-base umpire ruled that Lamb held up. Peavy looked over to argue. His catcher Buster Posey, meanwhile, wanted to move on to the next pitch, so he tossed the ball back and banked it into Peavy's glove, off of Peavy's own body:


Of course Buster Posey manages to amaze us even when endangering his own pitcher. As Peavy told's Justin Wise after the game: "Who throws it there other than Buster? I'm waiting for him to do something wrong."

But not even Lamb himself was safe from the Baseball Gods. In the very next half-inning, he lost a Brandon Crawford popup in the sun, and immediately felt Peavy's pain:


But wait, there's more! Just a half-inning after that, San Francisco reliever Javier Lopez began jogging out to the bullpen to warm up, when he fell victim at the hands of the dreaded Turf Monster:


"I'm surprised that didn't happen sooner," Lopez told's Chris Haft after the game. "Those steps, they move on you sometimes."

Oh, and did we mention a woman's entire concession tray was exploded by a foul ball? If there has ever been a stranger game, we'd love to hear it.