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The Yankees' interview celebrations continued, so Ronald Torreyes' camera received an upgrade

The Yankees have created a new way of celebrating in the dugout: By doing their best impression of the media in the form of an impromptu imaginary press conference. Ronald Torreyes and Didi Gregorius began the trend on Wednesday night following a Starlin Castro home run and it looks like they've already upgraded their equipment.

After Brett Gardner homered in the bottom of the first inning in Thursday's Rays-Yankees game, cinematographer Torreyes was accompanied by "reporter" Gregorius with his new makeshift camera. In what originally was a bin to hold snacks, the new "Toe-Night Show" was being filmed on a more advanced contraption … a taped down water bottle and a box.

The interviews take place after a member of the Yankees hits a home run, and we are still left wondering what they are being asked. But the way the bats have been looking for the team, expect many interviews in the near future.