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The Mariners' pregame locker room magic show is a metaphor for the AL Wild Card race

As the Mariners prepare for a final stretch run in a packed American League Wild Card race, it's always good to mix in some fun to break up the intensity of the pursuit of a postseason spot.
Prior to Monday's game against the Braves, the Mariners brought a magician into the clubhouse for just that purpose. Luckily, Nelson Cruz had his cellphone ready to capture the magic.

That's a tight bind to break out of. It got even tighter as the magician entered a quadruple padlocked crate. But, on account of magic, he got out.

How did he do it? The world will never know as a magician never reveals his secrets.
The short pregame break for fun seemed to have worked as the Mariners won, 6-5, on Monday night. They'll hope the trick will serve as a metaphor for their season while they hope to escape the box of a tight Wild Card race.