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The Nationals are so good they clinched the NL East title while watching TV

You'd think a baseball team would clinch a division title while playing on a baseball field. On Sunday afternoon, the Nationals did it from their clubhouse:

Of course, watching TV wasn't all the Nats had to do to win the National League East for the fourth time in six years. They also had to win a ballgame against the Phillies (which they did, 3-2, behind eight scoreless innings from Stephen Strasburg. And then, they all gathered in the clubhouse to see if the Braves could top the Marlins and send them back to the postseason. As you can see from the GIF above, Atlanta held on for an exciting 10-8 victory in 11 innings -- ending the game on a walk-off homer. The celebration at Nationals Park was ON.'s Jamal Collier was on the scene to talk to the team about the moment. Jayson Werth seemed a bit nervous watching the Braves game.

"We were watching in here. When Miami went up three, I got dressed. I said I'm going to double-jinx this and I got dressed and sure enough I had to change when [Lane Adams] hit the walk-off."

Meanwhile, manager Dusty Baker was considering a nap.

"Honestly, I was about to go to sleep in my office. These guys, I heard them out here and I started watching the game. But it looked like we were going to have to wait until Tuesday, but now it's a perfect, perfect scenario. We can enjoy tonight and have a day off tomorrow because you usually have to come back and play the next day."

Hundreds of fans even stuck around to watch the Braves game on the video board, hoping for a win and a chance to celebrate with their team:

Soon after the win, the players rushed back out onto the field to thank them for their devotion:

Rewarding them with some championship gear:

Back in the clubhouse, Max Scherzer got the party started:

"Yeah, it's pretty cool," Scherzer said. "I haven't had too many times where I've actually been at home and clinched. Just a little different, but that's what makes it special is that we were doing this in front of the fans."

Bryce Harper, who's now been to the postseason nearly every year he's been in the Majors, basked in the magic:


While Dusty took it all in from the top of the dugout steps -- his ninth October appearance spanning four different franchises.