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Screech got a lawn mower for his birthday, but the Nationals Park grounds crew wasn't having it

Birthdays are typically fun events. You get fun new toys and then get to spend the rest of the day playing with them. Sometimes that isn't the case though, and it's disappointing. It's raining outside so you can't break in your new glove -- no balls in the house. Or, the big game is on TV so you can't play your new video game.
During Sunday's game against the D-backs, Screech celebrated his 13th birthday. To commemorate the start of his teenage years and the coming arrival of adulthood, his friends got him a lawn mower. He was understandably excited to take it for a spin. But, the Nationals Park grounds crew wasn't about to let him undo all their hard work:

Hopefully Screech gets a chance to break in his new mower at some point. Maybe they'll let him test it out after the game or bring him over to the National Mall for some lower-stakes practice. After all, it's not truly a proper birthday until you get to play with your new toys.