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After a fire destroyed a fan's Brian Roberts picture, the Orioles replaced it and set up a meeting with Roberts

It's a cliche that there are some objects you can't place a monetary value on because of the memories one associates with them. These are the items you never want to lose because they simply can't be replaced.
When Kelly Wilson's garage caught on fire, her picture of former Orioles second baseman Brian Roberts was damaged beyond repair. It seemed like the sort of object that couldn't easily be replaced:

After going through all that effort to get that Roberts picture home, this fan certainly deserved to enjoy it for more than a couple months. The Orioles agreed, so before Saturday's game against the Marlins, they not only gave her a replacement but got her another picture with the 2018 Orioles' Hall of Famer.

Now Kelly has two Roberts pictures to show off her Orioles fandom.