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The Phillie Phanatic messed with some fans and sent a selfie-taking phone flying

The Phillie Phanatic is one of the oldest and most beloved mascots in baseball despite his somewhat confrontational manner with fans and broadcasters alike. One of his favorite pranks involves throwing popcorn on unsuspecting victims, as broadcaster Ben Davis learned the hard way.

During Friday night's game between the Phillies and the D-backs, the Phanatic was up to his old tricks as he sauntered into a row of fans behind the home dugout. Not only was he double-fisting boxes of popcorn, but he was getting very much into fans' personal space.
The Phanatic does not appear to be the biggest fan of selfies -- after all, he is one of the older mascots in the game -- so, when he sees a fan getting ready to document his antics, he puts a quick end to it.

The Phanatic can do no wrong. Though he knocked a phone -- a fragile object -- to the concrete ground of the Citizens Bank Park stands, that only increases his status in the hearts of fans everywhere.