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The Fenway wind was too much for Kevin Kiermaier, fooling him on J.D. Martinez's fly ball

In terms of weather, it has been a rough week for the Rays. On Tuesday, the forecast for their game against the Yankees was so cold and rainy that Kevin Kiermaier considered rubbing Vaseline all over himself to stay warm on the field.
Matters didn't get much better when they traveled north to take on the Red Sox Thursday. In the bottom of the second inning, Kiermaier once again found himself on the wrong end of nature's wrath. This time, the wind took a routine fly ball from J.D. Martinez and made it quite a bit less than routine:

The result of the wind's fury was that J.D. Martinez hit a triple in his first Red Sox at-bat at Fenway Park. The conditions in the Fenway outfield must have been nasty if they caused the Rays' two-time Gold Glove Award winner to look like that.