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The Yankees will give away an Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead for Star Wars Night

(Chesterton, Eric)

In 2017, Aaron Judge had the highest average exit velocity (94.5 mph), the farthest-hit ball (495 feet) and the second-highest exit velocity on a single batted ball (121.1 mph), according to Statcast. So, it is abundantly clear that Judge packs a massive amount of force.
On May 4 -- of "May the Fourth Be With You" fame -- the Yankees will give out a bobblehead for their Star Wars Night that will prove that the force is also strong with their young outfielder. That's right: The Yankees have made an Aaron Judge Jedi bobblehead doll:

We already know that Judge has his own judge's chambers and an AL Rookie of the Year Award. Now, we've learned he's also a Jedi master. What can't he do?