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The Yuli Gurriel rally wigs are as outstanding as you thought they'd be

We've waxed poetic about Yuli Gurriel's wonderfully-mysterious, gravity-defying hair many times on this blog this season. How does it do what it does? Where does it get its shine? Is it conditioner? Is it shampoo???

Either way, we want Yuli's hair on our heads. Fortunately, the Astros have answered our wishes and will be giving out Yuli Rally Wigs before Friday's game against the Orioles. Houston broadcasters Todd Kalas and Mike Stanton previewed the hats while trying to spark a rally against the Tigers on Wednesday night.

The Astros ended up losing, 6-3, but still -- look at these two men. Has anyone ever looked better in the history of the world?
No. The answer is no.