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The final day of the regular season featured two epic pregame standoffs

With the regular season ending on Sunday, some players just couldn't bear the thought of leaving the field. So, after the anthem ended and before the game began, both the D-backs-Royals game and Brewers-Cardinals game featured some epic standoffs.
How did they compare to each other? Let's break them down, beginning with the showdown in St. Louis. 
Carlos Martínez probably earns the award for most fashionable standoffee as he donned a crossing guard's reflective vest and carried an umbrella. It's sort of a Pennywise-the-clown look on a budget.

Meanwhile, Orlando Arcia traded out his cap for the first-base coach's helmet. Though his costume wasn't nearly as extravagant, he made up for it by refusing to shift his feet until after Martinez headed toward the dugout. We had a victor: 

Meanwhile, Salvador Perez and David Peralta eschewed the costumes for a tense, "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" style showdown. They held firm in their positions even when the umpire tried to shoo them into the dugout:

Peralta even tried to deke Perez out, giving him a fake offer of a draw, but Perez held firm. 

We had our winner. Check out the full standoff below: