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These pigeons heard Juan Lagares coming so they cleared out of his way

Pigeons can be stubborn baseball spectators. Sometimes they won't move in order to inspire five-dinger innings, sometimes they won't move just to annoy everybody else in the ballpark (even when a baseball is hit directly at them).
During the Mets' 11-7 win over the Phillies on Monday, a cluster of the NYC staples were congregrating in deep center field -- perhaps plotting total world domination. Suddenly, Cameron Rupp lifted a fly ball to their exact location and, instead of refusing to move as they've done before, the birds flew away, allowing Juan Lagares to make a nice running catch.

The pigeons had probably seen what the Gold Glove winner has done to walls in the past and decided a quick exit was the safest option. But don't worry, pigeon people, the pigeons will be back and next time they won't be so kind.