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Rougned Odor hit a grounder right at a pigeon, and the pigeon didn't care

Less than four weeks after the Nationals introduced us to the Rally Pigeon -- a bird unfazed by all manner of flying projectiles -- a similarly chill pigeon took up residence at Angel Stadium in the fourth inning of Monday night's Rangers-Angels game. Despite the valiant efforts of first-base umpire Gary Cederstrom to find the pigeon safe harbor, it remained in the infield.

Then, Rougned Odor hit a ground ball that, despite almost hitting the pigeon, didn't provoke so much as a stir from the beast:

Eventually, Rangers manager Jeff Bannister was able to corral the bird and provide it with a safer grazing environment.

Hopefully the Pigeon of Orange County was allowed some rest and recovery from what was certainly a busy day at the ballpark.