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These stories of Ken Griffey Sr. teaching his son to hit are fascinating

Ken Griffey Jr.'s dad played a large part in his development as a baseball player. You may have wondered how Griffey Jr. managed to have an OPS of .844 against left-handed pitching over the course of his career. Well, he saw a lot of left-handed pitching early on since his dad threw him batting practice left-handed as a kid, as he describes in the video above.
Most importantly, Griffey shared that, even for a prodigy like his son, learning to hit involved some struggle. The first time he asked Junior to try to recognize pitches ended in frustration and tears. But, then he gave his son an approach to follow and it clicked.
Socrates once theorized that true learning could only take place after one experiences some sort of challenge or pain. Perhaps, then, Griffey Jr.'s career in which he hit 630 home runs is proof that his father's initially frustrating methods were essential for Junior truly learning how to hit.