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This Alex Bregman #NoOffseason video is guaranteed to pump you up for the 2018 season

We've seen it many times: #NoOffseason. These guys aren't wasting any time getting back in tiptop shape for the 2018 season. For example, Chris Archer woke up at the crack of dawn to get a sweat in, Yoán Moncada was proving he's way stronger than us and Alex Bregman recently added himself into the #NoOffseason group with an inspirational video of his own.
We know the Astros third baseman can rake, he can make defensive plays and ties it all together by being an amazing gift-giver. He also showed off his athletic abilities in a video that is guaranteed to pump you up.
He starts off by lifting some weights:

And doing some intense cardio:

It kind of makes you want to put an effort into those New Year's resolutions doesn't it? Click on the clip above for the entire video -- and don't forget to stretch.