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This Cleveland fan dyed his beard in an epic way to cheer on the Indians

The fans that come out to cheer on their teams during the postseason are truly dedicated, and in this case, hardcore. During the Indians' 4-0 win over the Yankees in Game 1 of the ALDS presented by Doosan on Thursday, a bearded Cleveland fan made his presence known.
This is Kevin Timm, he's been a huge Indians fan since he was old enough to understand the game of baseball. And in the bottom of the fifth, with Jose Ramirez (Timm's favorite current player) at the plate, he was there cheering on his team. His beard was complete with the Indians' colors and a stenciled "C" on the front. You couldn't miss him -- he stood out among the other fans.

"I keep a handful of ideas in mind," Timm told "I want to do something different for every game I go to."
He usually sports one or two colors and has his own Cleveland-themed stencil designs he experiments with, using temporary hairspray paint.
"It washes out with shampoo," he added.
Timm says he likes how the Indians weren't "taken too seriously" this season and even though many wondered how far the team would get, the 22 consecutive wins changed it all.
"I feel like that's just a mentality throughout Cleveland, you don't give up and you keep working and you move forward. Now we've clinched another division title and needless to say we're looking to finish what we started last year."
We always appreciate the efforts that go into representing favorite teams, and it looks like Timm did not leave us disappointed in that department.