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MLB's last 'ultimate' grand slam came via Rajai Davis -- and touched off bedlam at Comerica Park

There's a reason they call it an ultimate grand slam. It's rare for the opportunity to even arise: The home team has to be down by exactly three runs in the bottom of the ninth inning or later, then has to load the bases without cutting into that deficit ... and then a batter has to come through with the most dramatic of all walk-off dingers. When the A's and Tigers got together in Detroit on June 30, 2014, it had only happened 27 times in Major League history -- none since Ryan Roberts pulled it off for the D-backs three years prior. 
It looked like the streak would keep on going at first, as Scott Kazmir and Aníbal Sánchez dueled to a 1-1 draw. But Oakland scratched across three in the eighth, giving Sean Doolittle the chance to close it out. Detroit led off the bottom of the ninth with two singles, and Austin Jackson walked to -- wouldn't you know it -- load the bases with one out and Rajai Davis up as the winning run.
You can probably guess how that went:

Comerica Park went bonkers: 

That was one of just eight homers Davis would hit for the Tigers that year, and the big leagues haven't seen another ultimate grand slam since. Our only regret is that the Rally Goose wasn't there to see it.