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This Marlins fan threw a wild first pitch ... and then got engaged on the field

Marlyn Sanchez has sung the national anthem at Marlins Park before, so she didn't think it odd when they asked her to throw out the first pitch before Wednesday's Dodgers-Marlins game. Tossing out the first pitch is reason enough to be worried -- which may explain why it immediately veered to the left: 

But then -- surprise -- that catcher's mask-ed man was not a member of the Marlins, but her boyfriend Ralph Cabrera. And he had something he wanted to ask. No, not "Hey, do you remember where I left my gym shoes?" but "Will you marry me?" After a moment of shock, the answer was yes: 

This proposal had it all: Subterfuge, hidden identities, custom ring boxes in the shape of a baseball and, yes, the woman's name was Marlyn! Could that be any more fitting? 
There was one clue that tipped off the broadcasters as you can see in the video at the top of the post: Cabrera came out in full catcher's gear, which doesn't happen very often for first pitches.