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This fan ran three city blocks to get an autograph and Yasiel Puig rewarded him

One of the great myths of sports is that the athlete or team that wins must have wanted it more than the competition. The fact is that, above all else, talent often wins.
Fortunately, the same principle does not apply to autographs, as this fan showed in his three-block pursuit of Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig through the streets of New York City.

In most arenas that level of hustle and grit gets rewarded. After spending multiple years as Chase Utley's teammate, Puig clearly has learned that lesson well.
Perhaps inspired by the young fan's determination, Puig and the Dodgers went on to beat the Mets on Sunday night, 8-0, and sweep the three-game series. Their historic run continues as they head back west to face the D-backs on Tuesday.