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This game-ending high school double play will challenge even the most practiced scorekeepers

There's a lesser-known cousin of the lightbulb joke that goes something like this: How many baseball players does it take to turn a double play?
Ok, maybe that's not actually a joke -- or at least not a very funny one. But it's a surprisingly interesting question. With qualification for the semifinals of the National High School Invitational on the line, John Curtis Christian School in River Ridge, La., answered that question with "six."

For everyone keeping score at home, that's a 5-2-6-4-8-9 double play. With runners on the corners and one out, the third baseman fielded the ball and threw to the catcher after a fake to first to start a rundown. The catcher then threw to the shortstop covering third who tagged the runner for the first out.
The shortstop then threw to the second baseman covering third, starting a second rundown. He then threw to the center fielder covering second base to tag the runner for the double play. But wait! He didn't hold on to the ball. The right fielder recognized that, picked the ball up and tagged the runner to officially record the out. 5-2-6-4-8-9. Just how they drew it up.
But, John Curtis Christian School lost to Green Hope High School (Cary, N.C.), 1-0, in the NHSI semifinals Friday afternoon.