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The oral history of Seinfeld's best baseball moments lets you read about a lot of 'nothing'

We may be a bit biased, but for us, "Seinfeld" was at its best when Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld embraced their inner Yankees and Mets fandom -- instead of a show "about nothing," it became a show about baseball. There's a reason its nine-season run has inspired multiple Minor League theme nights, after all. 

And that's why Rob Neyer's "The Oral History of Baseball on 'Seinfeld'" at Complex is such a delight. Featuring stories from David, Seinfeld, the rest of the "Seinfeld" principles and the biggest baseball names who made appearances on the show (including, yes, Buck Showalter and even George Steinbrenner), Neyer gives an inside look at the show's best baseball moments, cameos and storylines. 

Like, for example, how his cameo changed Keith Hernandez's life (and not just because of the paychecks):

Hernandez: As the years have gone by, the generations that didn't see me play? They don't relate to me as Keith Hernandez, the baseball player. They relate to me as Keith Hernandez from the Seinfeld show. I have kids come up to me to this day … they'll come behind me and go ..."What was it like kissing Elaine?" Which I always say was awful. Eight takes. Brutal. That was the hardest part.

But for others, it was no big deal:

Derek Jeter, former Yankees shortstop: I was usually playing when "Seinfeld" aired, so I had not watched much of it before filming. But I was fully aware it was one of the most popular shows on TV.

I was playing myself, so there was not a lot of preparing to do, luckily. I didn't have a huge role, just a few lines. So to be honest, I kind of just showed up and we knocked it out. I was used to performing under pressure.

For the story behind the "magic loogie" and more, read the whole thing here