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Chris Taylor's throw somehow went between Ian Kinsler's legs before reaching third

After falling behind in the World Series with a loss to the Red Sox in Game 1, the Dodgers were hoping that the breaks would go their way in Game 2 on Wednesday night. At first, it didn't seem like that would happen, as Ian Kinsler's two-out RBI single in the second inning plated Xander Bogaerts to put Boston in front, 1-0.
In the very next at-bat, Lady Luck would smile on the Dodgers. Jackie Bradley Jr. cracked a base hit to left field in front of Chris Taylor. Kinsler ambled around second and tried to reach third. Taylor got to the ball and threw it in ... only to have it sail right toward Kinsler's body.
Then, fate intervened:

Your eyes do not deceive you. Taylor's throw went between Kinsler's legs, right into Manny Machado's glove at third.

The angle's even better when you see just how slim a margin there was between Kinsler's legs:

If that throw goes pretty much anywhere else in that vicinity, it hits Kinsler and bounces away. The inning would be extended and Kinsler might very well have come around to score Boston's second run if the carom was especially wild.
Instead, the inning was over, thanks to an elusive baseball nutmeg. That's the kind of pass that would make the newly christened Dodgers fan LeBron smile.