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A Tigers fan caught five different foul balls and gave them all away to young fans

Catching a foul ball at a big league game is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It's the kind of thing you'll tell all your friends, and your kids, and your grandkids. You've got a better chance of dating a millionaire, after all.
Unless, of course, you're 39-year-old Tigers fan Bill Dugan, in which case the above haul represents a pretty solid inning or so of work. Dugan attended Monday's Pirates-Tigers game and managed to come away with not one, not two, not three, not four, but five foul balls -- and proceeded to give every one of them away to a nearby kid:

"I have a waiting list of kids," Dugan said. "The kids are showing other kids where 'the seat' is if they want a foul ball."
Dugan was born in Detroit and is a lifelong Tigers fan. He moved to San Diego as a kid, but came back to the Motor City in 1984 -- just in time to watch his hometown team knock off his other hometown team, the Padres, in the World Series. He attended his first game at Tiger Stadium that year and has been snagging foul balls ever since. His record? Eight, back in 2002: four during the game, four during batting practice. 
"I enjoy it," he said. "It's just fun for the kids and fun for me. Not saying I'll run over a kid for a ball or anything! But they are taking numbers on who gets the next ball. It's fun."
Attention Detroit-area kids: If Christmas can't come quick enough, just head to the ballpark.
Reporting and photo by Mark Pierce/ Real-Time Correspondent