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The Tigers welcomed their new batboy by pranking him with the oldest trick in the book

Take a look at the most viewed videos on YouTube and, along with videos like "Irish people eat American foods -- WOW," you're most likely going to see hundreds of "prank" videos. And while most of those consist of people being followed around by a guy yelling at them, the best pranks are often the most simple of them. 
Like the one the Tigers pulled on their new batboy, Braeden Ward, when he showed up to work on Monday. Like so many that came before him, Ward was sent on the hunt to find the "key to the batters box." 
Just like in high school when the seniors sent you looking for the rooftop pool, the 18-year-old eventually went to the umpires looking for the key, before asking Mets manager Terry Collins. 
Neither the umpires nor Collins was willing to end the classic prank. "[Collins] tapped me on the chest and said, 'Don't worry, son, you'll find it,'" Ward said. Of course, he never would, not stopping until a friendly team employee finally took pity on the batboy. 
So take note, future batboys of the world: The batter's box doesn't need a key. Though the pitcher's mound most definitely does.