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Tigers prospect Derek Hill beefed up his scouting report with a spot-on Willie Mays impression

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The MLB Pipeline scouting report for Tigers' No. 3 prospect Derek Hill features descriptions like "the fastest player in the system" and "a true center fielder." After Friday night's West Michigan Whitecaps Class A game, it'll have to be updated to include "does spot-on Willie Mays impression:"


Hill, who's the son of Dodgers scout Orsino Hill, made the sprinting, back-to-home-plate catch in the fourth inning against the South Bend Cubs and then threw back to first (by way of the cutoff man) to double up the baserunner, preserving the Whitecaps' one-run lead. They went on to win, 2-1, good for their 10th victory in a row.

It was a prime example of Hill's "plus defense" -- actually, on second thought, better make it "plus-plus-plus defense:"