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Tim Anderson needed a new walk-up song, so he crowdsourced the decision

Major League players have a busy week ahead of them with Opening Day right around the corner. Not only do they have to travel home from their Spring Training abodes, but they also have to make sure everything is in order for the upcoming season -- from making sure their uniforms fit and their names are spelled correctly to selecting the perfect walk-up music.
White Sox shortstop Tim Anderson recognized the power of decision fatigue and didn't want the selection of a walk-up song to at all detract from his preparations for Opening Day. Yet, he still wanted a banger to accompany him to the plate. So, what did he do? He crowd-sourced the decision:

Anderson's one directive -- that the song provide a level of heat -- means he will not be walking out to a rock ballad at the team's home opener on April 5. He has shown a preference for rap in the past, but his willingness to crowd-source suggests an amenability to change.
Help us -- and Anderson -- decide what he should walk out to by voting in the poll below.