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Tim Anderson crushed a dinger, chucked his bat and the Royals got real mad

The White Sox Tim Anderson has been on fire so far this young season. Entering Wednesday's action, he led the league in batting (.421) and had three homers to go along with six steals. But you don't care about numbers, do you? You wanna see some bat tosses.

Fortunately, Anderson gave us a ferocious one after homering against the Royals.

Here's a how-to.

Catcher Martín Maldonado seems displeased. And in fact, we learned that the entire Royals team was displeased because in Anderson's next at-bat, Royals pitcher Brad Keller hit him. This caused a brief pause in play.

Not much happened, besides some manager-vs-manager fun.

Maybe next time the Royals should just strike Anderson out and do a back flip.