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Not even dodging a flying broken bat could keep Todd Frazier from making a slick barehanded play

Time and time again, baseball proves that reflexes are crucial. Todd Frazier provided the latest example of their value in Saturday night's 4-1 win by the White Sox over the Orioles when Nolan Reimold hit a broken-bat grounder to third base. 
Carlos Rodón's pitch and Reimold's swing turned his bat into kindling, sending a shard bounding toward Frazier just as the ball made its way in the same direction. No matter, Frazier's got this all under control:

To recap, he actively dodged a flying bat piece and still had enough wherewithal to make a slick barehanded grab on a bouncing ball and retire the batter at first base.
After the game, Frazier explained his split-second thought process to's Scott Merkin: 
"Just a reaction to go get it with your hand because you don't have that much time. You see the bat coming so you don't want to get … I've seen guys get hit with bats a lot so just get out of the way and see where the ball is. It was a perfect opportunity. The ball was a little bit further away from the bat. Just a little scoot on one side, grab it and throw. It was a pretty cool play. I didn't see it until it got a little closer and then I read it. My first reaction was to get out of the way and then if I can make a play I can. It was a good opportunity for me to barehand it and throw the guy out."
That's some Jake Marisnick-level focus.