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With Todd Frazier reportedly going to Mets, will 'Thumbs Down Guy' become 'Thumbs Up Guy?'

Sources tell's Anthony DiComo that Todd Frazier agreed to a two-year deal with the Mets on Monday. The veteran third baseman will fill a hole on the left side of the infield, likely moving Asdrúbal Cabrera to the second base spot.
Frazier hit well down the stretch for the Yankees last season -- compiling 11 homers, 32 RBIs and a .222/.365/.423 line in 66 games. He also (somehow) turned this ground-level pitch into a big three-run dinger in a packed Yankee Stadium during the ALCS. So, the ability to perform under the pressure of New York shouldn't be too much of a question.

The real question that's probably itching at that discolored spongy mass in between your ears is what is going to happen to "Thumbs Down Guy?" Frazier gave birth to the 2017 meme when he homered for the Yankees during a rescheduled game at Citi Field last summer. Mets fan Gary Dunaier's displeasurable thumbs-down moment then turned into a Yankees rallying cry:

But with Frazier moving across town, what now? Should he be allowed to take the meme with him and use it as he so chooses with the Mets? Will the "Thumbs Down Guy" become the "Thumbs Up Guy?" Can the Yankees still use thumbs-down as their rallying cry? Is there a meme rulebook? What really is a meme? What does Bryce Harper think?
Noah Syndergaard has sort of made his opinion clear, but please, help us answer this burning question below: