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Todd Frazier made a noble attempt to undo his mistake on the basepaths

The White Sox wasted no time getting runs on the board on Saturday night against the Mariners. They led 4-0 before Yovani Gallardo even recorded an out, and by the middle of the fifth, they were up by double digits.
They might have ended up with more runs in that first inning, though, had it not been for Todd Frazier. Gallardo had just allowed a three-run homer to Avisaíl García and was still looking for the game's first out. It didn't seem like it would come when Frazier smacked a hit toward right-center field. However, he decided to go for two, and a quick relay from Jarrod Dyson to Jean Segura meant that the late-arriving Frazier was toast.
Or was he?

Yes. Yes, he was toast.
You can practically see the "ABORT MISSION! ABORT MISSION!" thought bubble popping into Frazier's mind as he scrambles back toward first. Frazier explained his thinking in the moment to's Rob Shore. "He didn't tag me. So, I slid; he didn't go to reach for me. I tried to go around and [Segura] kept his body there," said Frazier. "So I said, 'All right, I might as well go back.'"
The execution might have looked odd, but it wasn't without a reasonable rationale. "It's baseball, you know. The next thing you know, he might fall down or throw it away, and I'll be back on second base," Frazier noted. "You play it till the final end."
Frazier's unconventional baserunning proved to be shrewd on May 14, but this time, it, uh, did not work out. He's not exactlyJosh Harrison out there.