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Tom Brady threw out the first pitch at Fenway Park and had his jersey stolen by Gronk

It was a whirlwind winter for Tom Brady. Back in February, he led the Patriots to a historic comeback win in Super Bowl LI ... and then promptly had his uniform stolen. 

Luckily, all's well that ends well: Brady recently found his uniform (presumably with some help from the real Texas Rangers), and he and some Patriots teammates were on hand at Fenway Park on Opening Day to show off the Lombardi Trophy to Red Sox Nation.


Brady even got to throw out the first pitch, and while it was a little high, we'll give him a pass -- he's used to throwing to people who are standing up, after all: 


"Yeah, it's always neat to share our day with others and vice versa," Red Sox manager John Farrell told's Ian Browne. "I think that's the one thing that's so unique about Boston is the crossover and the winning tradition by so many great franchises here in town.

A happy ending for New England, safe in the knowledge that its football team is a champion and its star quarterback's jersey is safe and s--WAIT, IS THAT ROB GRONKOWSKI'S MUSIC: 


Yes, while Brady was naively waving to the crowd, Gronk -- just a day removed from an appearance at Wrestlemania -- was planning his heist, and he successfully made off with Brady's recently recovered jersey. No. 12, however, would not take those shenanigans lying down:


Football season is still five months away, guys -- please don't hurt yourselves.