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No. 3 pick MacKenzie Gore has an insane leg kick and some ludicrous high school stats

The top players in the MLB Draft always seem to have terrific statistics in high school and college. It's not surprising -- the old saying is that the cream rises to the top, and they are usually just so much more talented than the field around them.
The first round of the 2017 MLB Draft was no exception, as great fun facts emerged left and right. D-backs Draft pick Pavin Smith hit 13 homers while striking out just 12 times for the University of Virginia. The Angels' Jordon Adell had a scintillating 2.104 OPS with 25 homers in 35 games at Ballard High School in Louisville.
No. 3 overall pick MacKenzie Gore might have topped them both in terms of crazy numbers. During his senior year at Whiteville High School in North Carolina, the lefty starter turned in a spectacular performance:

Insane. Oh, and Gore also went 11-0 as Whiteville won its third state title in four years.
For those keeping score at home, 158 strikeouts and five walks equates to a mind-boggling 31.6 K/BB ratio. To offer some perspective, the Twins' Phil Hughes set the MLB single-season record in 2014 at 11.6. That's no small leap, and it's unbelievable that Gore managed to fan 153 more batters than he walked.
That's not all Gore has to offer, either, as he has a fantastic high leg kick that would make the likes of Dontrelle Willis and Orlando "El Duque" Hernandez smile.

The biggest mystery seems to be who even scored a run off Gore to keep him from a perfect 0.00 ERA. It sure seems like the Padres nabbed a good one at No. 3.
For the record, Willis definitely agreed.