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After a HBP, Travis d'Arnaud didn't feel like chatting with the Mets' trainer -- so he ran away

Getting hit by a pitch is not fun, but it's a part of the game. Something that goes along with that is the requisite visit from the team's athletic trainer, who hustles out from the dugout to take a look and assess the damage. 
The Mets' trainer, Ray Ramirez, was called into duty during New York's game with the Phillies on Wednesday night after catcher Travis d'Arnaud was plunked in the hand on a high and inside pitch ... but d'Arnaud is a tough guy (he's a catcher, after all) and didn't really want to chat with Ramirez. 
"It's OK," d'Arnaud probably thought to himself, "He can't chat with me if I run away!" So he did just that, to the bemusement of Ramirez: 

That's one way of saying "thanks, but (d'Ar)no thanks!"